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“How to LIVE LIFE ON YOUR TERMS in under 3 years”


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To personally work closely with 2,000 Entrepreneurs and give them the blue print on how to live life on their terms, which will in turn influence more than 1,000,000 people to do the same and create a global movement. Residual income is the best way to create your dream lifestyle, to create freedom, to have fun and to have choices that ultimately allow you to “Live Life On Your Own Terms.

But let’s go back to the beginning…

Aaron was born on a farm in the mid north of South Australia and says that this was a great place to grow up and learn work ethic and many other life lessons. He has three brothers and one sister.

Showing signs as an Entrepreneur before he even started school he used to sell his birthday presents back to his brothers and sister for $1. He then graduated to growing and selling fruit and vegetables and many other ventures as a young guy on the farm.

After school Aaron headed to the city with an opportunity to pursue his dream of playing Australian Rules Football at the highest level. While he was successful at state level he never made the national level and so the pull of Entrepreneurship kept tugging away.

After reading the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kyosaki at the age of 21 Aaron literally quit his job, sold his car and bought his first business – a fitness club on the beach in Glenelg South Australia. This opened up the flood gates to the world as an Entrepreneur. At this time Aaron’s motivation was to become financially free as fast and as young as possible, then move to Paradise – Noosa Heads in Queensland, Australia.

Over the next 10 years Aaron would devote every spare second to reading, listening, attending and watching anything he could on personal development, marketing, Real Estate and anything to do with wealth creation.

He made a success of the fitness industry in Adelaide and later with two gyms in Sydney winning many awards. He had also acquired a multimillion dollar property portfolio, tried every other business you can think of along the way, had a few hundred thousand dollars in the bank and at age of 28 was pretty happy with his efforts.

However just a few years later after the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 the properties he owned felt more like a burden of overhead expenses than a sexy portfolio of wealth creation. He had spent all his savings on Real Estate deposits, wealth creation education or business start-ups –some successful and some not so much. To make things worse Aaron had lost the passion for traditional business and especially the fitness industry. On top of that his sale of one of his gyms had now fallen through and at age 32 he found himself back working 100 hours per week in a business that he had no interest in.

Aaron was now losing $5,000 a month, he was miserable, stressed, broke and 30 days from bankruptcy.

Luckily with shear hard work, a strong mindset and an amazing partner in Nicole he was able to sell one of his gyms and a couple of properties to free up some breathing space and keep the banks off his back.

Never giving up on his dreams Aaron had kept looking for the ultimate business, but this time in the new age of business category. No longer was he willing to have risk, stress, overheads, staff and trade time for money.

His motivation had now moved from “money” to “lifestyle”. He realised it wasn’t about the money at all, but more the freedom. He wanted to start a family and be there for his kids, he wanted to have choices every single day which most people don’t. He wanted to have fun along the way and help others all over the world do the same.

With the brand name “Deck Chair Millionaire” he dubbed the tag line “Live Life on Your Terms”. He felt this could relate to everyone that had a dream. It wasn’t about millions of dollars, ego or even money at all. It was simple about living your life on your own terms instead of somebody else’s. Now he just needed a vehicle to do that with.

In 2011 he found the perfect business vehicle. Whilst Aaron had dabbled in network Marketing over the last 15 years he had never done it the “new age” way. He had never looked at it as a million-dollar business model but more of something to do on the side. This was despite making some pretty good money in this industry including having the number one business in Australia for his previous company. With the boom of the industry post 2008 he decided to look at this model as a serious option.

The rest they say is history.

Aaron was able to replace his income very quickly using the new age of Network Marketing. He chose a powerful company that has reset the record books in every way shape and form in the Direct Sales industry and teamed up with some of the smartest and most respected Entrepreneurs around the world. After 12 months with this company Aaron sold all traditional businesses that he had and put his full time efforts into Network Marketing.

Now at age 38 Aaron finds himself in the top 80 Network Marketers in the World according the to the global top 200 earners list. He is debt free, he moved to his dream location in Noosa Heads, Queensland, got married, started a family and ultimately Aaron lives life on his terms. Every dream he ever had came to reality through the new age of business, through creating a residual lifestyle income.

With over 100,000 distributors and customers in his business in 103 countries all over the world Aaron loves to travel the globe helping people of all walks of life, cultures and countries to live life on their terms. When he is not doing that he is working from home (Or just sitting on the beach) with his two beautiful boys Beau and Cruz with the support of his amazing wife Nicole. It truly is a blessed lifestyle and business.

Ticking bucket list items off all over the world is a fun part of this lifestyle business. Aaron has done safari’s in South Africa, flown a helicopter over New York and the Swiss Alps, drank $1,000 bottles of red wine in Tuscan castles, private tours throughout Rome, dived with great white sharks and sky dived in Australia, bungy jumped in Bali, ran naked through Phuket Thailand, driven a Ferrari around Los Angeles, swam with dolphins in Hawaii, played in a surprise celebrity basketball game in front of 10,000 people in the Philippines, jet skied and stayed in an over the ocean bungalow in Bora Bora Tahiti, cruised VIP through the Mediterranean, driven through the Dubai desert, climbed the tallest building in the world and snow skied in their indoor snow fields and many more crazy adventures. Stay tuned into my blog for more upcoming adventures.

Aaron is the founder of Deck Chair Millionaire and is a recognised brand all over the world. He speaks to tens of thousands of Entrepreneurs each year and works closely coaching people that are serious about following in his footsteps. There is a formula to doing it fast and Aaron loves to create each individuals blue print based on their strengths and vision for where they want to go.

Aaron is regularly featured on the most popular Networking media sites such as MLMNation.net, BusinessForHome.org, ToddFalcone.com and NetworkingTimes.com just to name a few.

Still loving the property side of wealth creation Aaron still has the bulk of his old portfolio and is actively investing the smart way. He loves to create cash flow positive results and enjoys this area of wealth creation to this day. He has been featured in the number 1 property magazine “Australian Property Investor” multiple times for his achievements.

Eager to influence 1,000,000 people to live life on their terms and create a global movement Aaron continues his passion each and every day. Apart from that, being a hero to his kids and spending every spare second with his family at home in paradise is really all the choices he needs.

In a time where people simply like your status and send you a message Aaron “DARES” you to reach out and CALL him.

“Go old school and speak to someone who has done it” he says. It may be a conversation that changes your life. It was for him a few short years ago and you just can’t get that from an email.

If you’re not ready for that yet, connect with Aaron to follow his journeys, stay motivated, learn the secrets and ask any questions you like. Unlike many so called “Gurus” Aaron will personally get back to you on your queries.

We all have one life. Make the most of it. The new age of business is here.

If not now, then when? If not you, then who? If not this, then what?

Remember your why…….. look at your kids…….. you deserve it and so do they.